$1,000 Challenge

Do you want to win $1,000 in 4 EASY STEPS?

All you have to do is make….
A layup,
a free throw,
a 3 pointer,
and a half-court shot

And lucky for you, entering is just as simple: write your name on the slip of paper provided and you’ll be put into the drawing.

Students(of any age): $1
Adults: $5

You will have the opportunity to attempt this challenge during halftimes of both varsity basketball games for the remainder of the 2021-22 season.

Well, not only will you have the chance to win $1,000, but also all proceeds from the entries will be donated to the Luck High School (boys AND girls) Basketball Programs.

Sponsored by Red Maple Eatery

Rules of the $1,000 challenge

Eligibility: Open to all students and adults in attendance at the basketball game, except for persons that currently or previously played professional basketball.

Entry: Eligible persons must purchase a ticket(s) to be entered into the drawing for the chance to win the $1,000. Cost is $1 for current K-12 students, $5 for all others per entry. Multiple entries are allowed.

Drawing: Tickets must be purchased before the two minutes mark of the 2nd quarter. For double header games, there will be two drawings, one during the girls varsity and one during the boys varsity games. Tickets sold before the two minutes to go mark of the 2nd quarter of the first game will also be included in the drawing for the 2nd game.

The draw will occur during halftime. The draw will take place in the gymnasium, and the winner will be announced. The winner will proceed to the gym floor. If the winning ticket is not presented, additional draws will be conducted until the winning ticket is presented.

Play: The challenge is to successfully make a lay-up, a free throw, a 3-pointer, and a half-court basket within 30 seconds.

The winning participant must start with the ball while standing behind the half-court line. The winning participant must rebound their own ball – any assistance retrieving the basketball will cause them to be ineligible for any prize.

When the 30 second clock starts they must first make a lay-up. If the shot is missed, they can rebound the ball and try again, until the 30 second clock expires or they successfully make the lay-up.

Once the lay-up is made, they then must make a free-throw. As with the previous shot, if missed they can rebound the ball and try to make the free-throw again, until successful or the 30 second clock expires.

In similar fashion, after a successful free throw the participant will attempt a 3 point shot. If they make a 3 pointer before time expires, they can attempt the final shot from behind the half-court line, provided the 30 second clock has not expired. No shots allowed after the 30 second clock expires.

Winning: Any selected participant that completes the challenge successfully will receive $1,000 from the Red Maple Eatery. A voucher will be presented immediately after the challenge, which may be redeemed at the restaurant or local bank at a mutually agreed upon time for the winner to receive the $1,000.

Miscellaneous: Red Maple Eatery or a representative of Red Maple Eatery will be in charge of selling tickets and collecting money, as well as oversee the names being added to the jar/hat. The money collected will be counted once by RME representative and once by the (ticket taker, other school representative?) at the game that evening. The money will then be handed over to the (ticket taker, other Luck staff?)) with a slip stating the amount. None of the collected money will leave school grounds with Red Maple Eatery staff or representatives.

If you have any further questions, please contact Kelly Anderson at redmaple.eatery@gmail.com